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Insurance Valuations & Probate Valuations

Do you need an itemised list of your jewellery so you are covered in case of damage or loss?


Most people need to have an itemised list and value of their jewellery items for their household insurance.  Due to the rise in gold and diamond prices your jewellery may be under insured.


Our expert valuation team can provide insurance valuations for your jewellery.


You will recieve a valuation certificate for the insurance value of your item.


Your valuation certificate is valid for insurance purposes and contains details about the origin of your jewellery, the carat weight of any stones that may be set, as well as the current retail value of the item which your insurance company would require.


We are also happy to provide a FREE valuation service to all customers for jewellery you wish to sell.


Come and talk to us today about valuing your jewellery!


Did you know the current value of your items?  Jewellery bought over 5 years ago would  have significantly increased in value, and would need a new valuation.  Call in store today and we can ensure your valuables are covered to the right amount.


Our expert team of valuers can provide you with a current valuation of your jewellery as well as valuing for probate and will settlements.

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We work with Solicitors and Private individulas to provide Probate valuations on Jewellery, Watches and Art work.  All of which are important for comleting the necessary Schedule IHT 407 – For jewelry, vehicles, boats, aircraft, antiques, works of art, or collections.


We provide experience in this field and are a trusted partner of several solicitors for estate duties.